Annual Meeting Agenda for 6/1/2023

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Homeowners, Please feel free to use the owner portal to access information about your account.

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Welcome to the RROC Homeowners Association website.  This site is dedicated to the owners of homes at RROC.  The Board of Directors hopes you find the information here helpful to you.  To serve YOU we want everything we do to be easy for you to understand and navigate, so please let us know if you have any suggestions or anything we can add.

We have made arrangements with Community Associations Banking to assist RROC’s owners in paying their HOA dues. As part of the service for holding the Association’s bank accounts, CAB (also known by their parent company – CIT Bank) has a payment portal for homeowners to use to make on-line payments. To make an on-line payment, please click on the link below.

There is some information you may need to have your payment properly applied to your account. You will need to know:

Management Company ID: 3098

Association ID: 0135 (RROC Homeowners Association Inc)

Property Account number: Homeowner Account number located on your invoice

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